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How to Keep Your Pet Happy During Quarantine!

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

As most of us are spending more time at home we are also getting to enjoy more time with our fur-babies. We would love to hear how all of you are spending your time with your pets and how you keep them entertained. We have a few tips of our own that we hope your babies might appreciate!

  • Stick to their routine for stability

  • Encourage plenty of exercise

  • Play with toys

  • Provide the option for quiet time, create their own little sanctuary

  • Make pet forts, tunnels, box mazes etc

  • Let them explore new smells, textures and more

  • Offer treats (ex: chews for dogs / catnip for cats) or hide them like a treasure hunt

  • Practice grooming with positive reinforcement (reward with whatever your pet enjoys- treats, toys, etc)

  • Talk to them

  • Make your own healthy treats

  • Design your own mind games

  • Spend time teaching them new tricks or practicing old ones

  • If you have kids involve them in pet care and teach them about pet behavior

  • Be considerate of their perspective

  • Do what your fur-baby loves <3

Let us know what your pet's favorite things to do are! And send us any suggestions you may have that we might now have included. We are always looking to expand our suggestions for quality pet care.

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