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Online Pharmacy


Healthy Paws partners with Vetsource as a direct line from the distributors to ensure the authenticity of all medications. All Vetsource medications are backed by the manufacturers 100%, which is not the case for online pharmacies such as 1-800PETMEDS, Chewy, etc.

Healthy Paws Veterinary Center has developed our pharmacy to meet our client’s needs.

Home delivery

​Through Healthy Paws Veterinary

Purina diet refills delivered to your home

Client enrollment (clinic ID): 6XNNR

Buying In-Hospital vs. Online- know what you are buying!


The policy of the companies that manufacture medications such as Tri-Heart®, Provecta®, & Credilio® is to only sell directly to licensed veterinarians where a direct veterinary-client-patient relationship exists. They do not sell their prescription medications to retail outlets, pet supply stores, internet sites (i.e. PetMeds) or large box stores- all of which procure their supplies through secondary sources (often from oversees) and “grey channels”. Some of the problems found include expired medications, improperly stored/handled, and diluted/counterfeit medications- which may be ineffective or even dangerous for your pet. For this reason, the manufacturers will not provide any product guarantee or compensation should your pet have an adverse experience or lack of efficacy on any product not bought directly from a licensed veterinarian. For this reason, we strongly recommend buying your pets medication directly from Healthy Paws or through the pharmacy link on our website linking to Vetsource- all medications come directly from the manufacturer and all guarantees are valid.

*Learn more about counterfeit animal health products by accessing the EPA website HERE!

*U.S Food & Drug Administration contact info:

FDA website HERE! | Phone: 240-402-7002 | Email:

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Our pharmacy goals:


  • Client convenience – we want our clients to leave the hospital with the prescribed medicine

  • Prescription quality control - only we can make sure the proper medication is dispensed with the correct dosing information for the correct pet.

  • Medication quality control – all our dispensed medications are backed by the manufacturer. Medications bought online through other sources are not supported by the manufacturer therefore they do not carry the same guarantees. There is no guarantee that other sources are providing the same medication or meeting the same quality standards.

  • Price control – we price our medications competitively. We want our clients to be able to treat chronic conditions.

  • Supplement & nutraceutical quality assurance – we carefully choose every item we carry looking at the quality of the ingredients used, reputation of the manufacturer and results of clinical and laboratory testing.

  • Support the hospital to help us keep other fees down.

  • Convenient at home delivery through our partner online pharmacy.

When you buy from our online pharmacy

  • Your product has the manufacturer guarantee

  • You know you received the correct product

  • You support a small local business

  • You help to keep other medical fees lower



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