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Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a great way to gain a sense of security with your pet‘s health care

You can be confident that you are prepared to meet all of your companions needs. There are many plans available that range from basic accident to more comprehensive coverage including illness and wellness care. You can tailor your plan to include extra protection for long-term or chronic conditions. Pet insurance is becoming more wide spread throughout the veterinary community.

​Common misconceptions about pet insurance

  • Myth 1 - You don't need pet health insurance. 
    Fact: You never know when your pets might get hurt or sick and vet bills can add up fast. Even routine vet care can be expensive. Pet health insurance helps you pay your vet bills, so you won't have to make a financial decision regarding your pet's health. 

  • Myth 2 - Pet health insurance is expensive.  
    Fact: Basic accident coverage can be very affordable. You can also get increasing levels of protection, which costs more, but may be worth it to you for the additional peace of mind. 

  • Myth 3 - You can't go to the vet of your choice. 
    Fact: Unlike some human health insurance plans, pet health insurance does not limit you to a list of providers. 

  • Myth 4 - It's complicated to use pet health insurance. 
    Fact: Most plans have you visit any vet in the US or Canada and pay for the services. Then submit a claim form along with any receipts, and they will reimburse you an agreed amount for your veterinary charges (either a percentage or a co-pay). 

  • Myth 5 - You can't get coverage for wellness care.  
    Fact: You can get help paying for wellness care, like vaccinations and dental cleanings. There are different levels of coverage available by different carriers that should meet you and your pet's needs. 

  • Myth 6 - It's difficult to apply for pet insurance. 
    Fact: It's quick and easy and many carriers offer free online quotes. You can go to our website to learn more about all the choices available for you and your furry friend 

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Click HERE for more information on the pros and cons of pet insurance and whether it is right for your fur-family.




Pet Insurance Plans

For a complete review of plans click HERE


In our review of the different options Healthy Paws recommends Trupanion Insurance. We have found that their simple approach, 90% payout and no limits make it the best choice for your money.

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