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Senior Wellness Care

Senior pets will inevitably develop age related health issues. Healthy Paws is here to help your pet live a happy, healthy, and comfortable life well into their golden years. 


What Age is "Senior"?

Cats begin their senior years around the ages of 10-12. For dogs, life stages vary by breed and size. Continued care with a trusted veterinarian will ease your pet into their senior years.


Parasite preventatives are especially important as your pet's immune system weakens with age. Healthy Paws carries the industry's top rated preventatives!


Staying up to date on immunizations is critical to preserving your pet's health. Our doctors help you decide which vaccines are appropriate for your senior pet.

Behavior & Mobility

Senior pets can decline in cognitive function & physical strength. We help you keep your pet mentally & physically stimulated to maintain mobility and mental health.

Lab Screenings

Seniors need lab screenings more frequently than younger pets to stay on top of changes in their health. We want to catch & treat things early so they do not become bigger issues.


Your pet's nutritional needs  change as they age. Our doctors will help you find a food that supports your senior pet's digestive needs and changing energy levels.

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