Black Cat Inn

* Closing Saturday July 10th 2021 *

Black Cat Inn facility

Relax knowing your feline family member is being cared for by trained veterinary professionals and staying in a comfortable environment designed to feel like home

The Black Cat Inn was designed to feel like a home away from home for felines of all ages and dispositions. If chronic medical problems exist that require daily medication, rest assured that they will be well taken care of.

The Black Cat Inn provides a comfortable lodging alternative where trained veterinary staff care for the cats- administering daily medications, providing individual attention to each guest, monitoring for any signs of deterioration, and if necessary, can institute medical diagnostics or treatments. 

Medical Lodging

Traditionally, cats that require medical care, do poorly in regular boarding facilities due to excessive stress and anxiety and staff at kennels are not trained or equipped to recognize or handle a medical problem.  Facilities & staff available for medical intervention if necessary.

Guest Amenities

  • Care & monitoring provided by trained veterinary staff 

  • Spacious Cat condos with ventilated litter box area 

  • Separate HVAC system from rest of building 

  • Large kitty playground with individual “play time” 

  • Individual "grooming and play" time for each guest