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Adult Wellness Care

Regular wellness visits are essential throughout every stage of your pet's life. , Adulthood presents a different range of medical needs for dogs & cats than what was previously needed during their pediatric stage. 

Healthy Paws will work with you to keep your pet up to date on preventative care and enjoying their best years for as long as possible. 


Staying up to date on immunizations is critical to preserving your pet's health. Our doctors help you decide which vaccines will best protect your pet.


Animal behavior can change at any point in their lifecycle, not just as puppies or kittens. We will determine the underlying cause of behavioral changes and help you get your pet back to themselves.

Lab Screenings

Annual lab work tells us if platelet counts and internal organ functions are all within normal ranges. These results give us a baseline reference if any level were to change. 


Nutrition is essential for animals at any stage of the life cycle. Our vets can recommend the best dietary options for your pet's specific size, breed, lifestyle, or medical needs. 


Healthy Paws carries the industry's top rated preventatives to protect against heartworms, fleas, ticks, and parasites. We offer chewable and topical options!

Dental Care

Adult pets begin to develop plaque and tartar buildup, which eventually leads to periodontal disease. At-home teeth brushing and in-hospital dental cleanings will keep your pet's teeth strong!

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