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Coronavirus COVID-19 Status Update as of 11/27/2020 

To all our extended Family members (humans & fur babies),  

Here at Healthy Paws our mission is to offer medical solutions for your pets as happy and healthy as possible.  During the COVID-19 crisis our mission remains the same, but we need to change our approach to help keep you and our staff safe.  As Veterinary Professionals, we are granted “ESSENTIAL WORKER STATUS” and HPVC will remain open to serve our clients and patients unless we are forced to close our doors.  


Please be aware of the following guidelines we are now following as conditions are rapidly changing: 

Hours: We are currently running our regularly scheduled hours.  We will be working in smaller teams of doctors and technicians to reduce exposure and remain open if one “team” should need to go on quarantine.  Please bear with us as we provide our services with the smaller working groups. 

Appointments:  We are currently seeing wellness and urgent care cases via curbside service. 

* Please wear your mask if you are having an exchange with our technicians and doctors. 

* Please wear your mask when you are outside of your vehicle. 

* If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms or are quarantined due to potential COVID-19 exposure, stay home and call your medical provider for advice on next steps. If your pet does require immediate veterinary care, please arrange for someone not experiencing symptoms to bring your pet to us.   

Pre-Arrival: Please fill out the following Check-In Form before you arrive for your appointment.  Collecting this information will allow us to process your visit faster help keep everyone at the clinic the shortest amount time possible. 

Check In:  We are now checking clients in from their cars and not allowing clients in the building in most cases. Please remove all extra collars, coats, harnesses, etc (think naked pup) ahead of coming as we will bring your pets into the building with 2 of our slip leads. Please call us when you arrive and a technician will come meet you at your car.  Please be patient, but if you do feel you have been waiting for a long period of time feel free to call and check status.  Payment can also be made by cc right from the car. 

Telemedicine:  Similar to human offices, we are now offering phone consultations to discuss a medical condition and “Triage” whether or not we need to see the patient in person or can prescribe medication based on symptoms without having to physically see the patient. The cost will be $40 and can be charged to CC when the appointment time is set. A Dr. Will CALL YOU at the given number at your appt time. Telemedicine is available only for pre-established patients. If we should need to see your pet, we will book a regular urgent appt and your phone consult fee of $40 will be credited to the total cost of that visit. 

Prescriptions / Food: If you need a medication refill you can request that through our prescription phone line or right on our web site.  The pickup process will be the same as our Check In process above. We will deliver meds to your car window and can take payment over the phone or through our portable CC terminal.  

Payments: We are now taking credit card payments on portable terminals in the parking lot in order to limit the physical interaction.  We also still accept cash and check.  If paying with cash we will not be able to give you change at the this time and any amount owed to you will be as a credit on your account. We thank you for your understanding of this as we need to keep the handling of cash to a minimum as it is a high risk avenue to spread the virus.

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is creating challenges for all of us, both personally and professionally.  This is a very fluid situation and we many need to change our policies quickly.  We will continue to keep you informed of our policies and recommendations in order to continue offering the care your pets need while providing you, and our associates a safe environment. Posting on our website and FB accounts.  

Be safe and hopefully we will be over this painful experience quickly.  


The Healthy Paws Team 

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